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Electro Luminescent Wire 7 Foot Red


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Electro Luminescent Wire 7 Foot Red
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Wear it on a costume and everyone will admire. Trick out your body with electroluminescent wire. ; Our 2.2mm Elite-2 EL Wire emits a spectacular uniform light source, 360 degrees throughout its entire length. EL Wire is Non-Toxic, cold to the touch, very durable, and resistant to water and ice. It's Plug and Play. Just add batteries and this kit is ready to go. Uses 2 AA batteries -- not included. Each piece has steady-on and blink modes. The product is waterproof and very flexible. Most problems occur when the product is not handled properly (meaning spun or thrown around or repeatedly dropped). Constant bending or improper handling will reduce the brightness and effectiveness of your EL Wire. ; ***Please note that Magic Matt will not replace EL Wire that has been used. All EL Wire is tested prior to leaving our facility and does work. Please test EL Wire immediately upon receiving the package and report any problems as soon as possible.*** On average EL Wire brightness will become half as bright after 2800 - 3000 hours running at 2000Hz. This is based on 6 to 8 hours of use each day when powered off the rest of the day. EL Wire is very safe to use. Here are some product facts: - Flammability Protection : 850 *C - UL Certified: File E-73026 - CE approved in Europe - MSHA Certified for underground mining - UV protection on all colors - No detectable Cd levels in the PVC Jacket

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